vdp Property Price Index

Using concrete transaction figures, the vdp publishes quarterly rent and price indexes showing trends on residential and commercial real estate markets in Germany. The vdp Property Price Index, which is prepared by the analyst firm vdpResearch, covers the residential segment and also provides statements about trends in commercial properties, such as office and retail. The vdp indexes are used by the Deutsche Bundesbank in connection with its monitoring of property prices.

Property market as a whole Q1.2020
Soure: vdp-property-price-index, Q1.2020

Rents and purchase prices for individual properties as well as their value-influencing factors are systematically collected in the vdp transaction database (vdp-Transaktionsdatenbank). On the basis of these data, hedonic methods are applied to construct property indexes that reflect purely the price movement of a particular real estate market. Over 600 Banks submitt quarterly more than 60.000 data of concret transactions.

With effect from 1 July 2009, work on the transaction database was transferred from the vdp to the newly established vdpResearch. This is meant to ensure comprehensive evaluations and analyses on an ongoing basis and to provide these data to participants in the transaction database.

Quarterly year-on-year trends in the price index, as well as the methodological bases used to prepare the index, are depicted in detail in the vdp Property Price Index brochures. The broschure as well as all time series in XLSX-format are available under statistics for download.