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The vdp conveys the common standpoints of German Pfandbrief banks to legislators, the government, authorities, as well as banking and financial-sector institutions at the national, European and international levels. In addition, it informs the media and the public. Below you’ll find positions by the vdp on statutory changes that have an impact on Pfandbriefe and the underlying business sectors of Pfandbrief banks.

Articles & interviews


Partners on the road to sustainable economic transformation

Guest article by Dr. Georg Reutter


Basel reform on the home stretch: improvements needed and possible!

By Jens Tolckmitt


How Pfandbrief banks are preparing for the new ESG requirements

By Sascha Kullig

Pfandbrief banks successfully meet new ESG requirements

Taxonomy tool for assessing green property finance – Excessive complexity

Housing Finance International

Insolvency protection according to Pfandbrief law, and how it relates to UK cover assets

Guest article by Dr. Otmar Stöcker und Andreas Luckow

Portfolio Institutionell

Social Pfandbriefe for sustainability-minded investors

There is, for investors in search of top-rated and top-quality bonds which focus on meeting ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria, an additional product on offer that is still fairly new: the social Pfandbrief.


Interview: Real estate financing is being wrongly dealt with

Jens Tolckmitt