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The vdp conveys the common standpoints of German Pfandbrief banks to legislators, the government, authorities, as well as banking and financial-sector institutions at the national, European and international levels. In addition, it informs the media and the public. Below you’ll find positions by the vdp on statutory changes that have an impact on Pfandbriefe and the underlying business sectors of Pfandbrief banks.

Articles & interviews

Global Capital

Crisis Talk — VDP's Tolckmitt believes in strength of Pfandbrief bank liquidity

Jens Tolckmitt: "The Pfandbrief has shown its usefulness in a number of crises."


Banks’ value chains are getting greener

Jens Tolckmitt: Sustainability is becoming an important element of business strategy

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Sustainable finance under threat from proliferation of regulatory control

By Jens Tolckmitt: Control sometimes overshoots the mark, with the level of detail in the regulations going well beyond any reasonable measure.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

No signs of implosion

Four questions for... Jens Tolckmitt, Association of German Pfandbrief Banks – vdp
On the German property boom, the formation of bubbles and them bursting

In principle, a structurally sound market like the German property market is extremely robust.

Housing Finance International

Towards harmonisation of covered bonds in Europe

By Dr. Stoecker in Winter 2019 Housing Finance International: After decades of discussion on the EU-wide harmonisation of the legal framework for secured bonds issued by credit institutions, the CB directive came into force on 7 January 2020. The article explains the background and the milestones on the long road to this harmonization. For 50 years the vdp has been launching numerous initiatives in this direction and has contributed to the fundamental groundwork.

Immobilien & Finanzierung

Every year, more and more banks supply data to the database

Interview with Jens Tolckmitt: On the tenth anniversary of vdpResearch, Jens Tolckmitt, Chief Executive of the vdp, is very positive about the subsidiary's progress in an interview with I & F, noting in particular that it has made a significant contribution to increasing transparency on local property markets. Of course, much of this is attributable to a well maintained and increasingly extensive database, which – in contrast to many other providers – is based exclusively on actual transaction data.