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The vdp conveys the common standpoints of German Pfandbrief banks to legislators, the government, authorities, as well as banking and financial-sector institutions at the national, European and international levels. In addition, it informs the media and the public. Below you’ll find positions by the vdp on statutory changes that have an impact on Pfandbriefe and the underlying business sectors of Pfandbrief banks.

Articles & interviews

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

No reason to write off the office

Jens Tolckmitt

How Corona will affect jobs


Property market and property finance under the impact of Covid-19: palpable effects, but robust picture overall

Jens Tolckmitt

Momentum decelerating in sub-markets, transaction volumes still high


Navigating the crisis

Dr. Louis Hagen

The Pfandbrief banks stand ready to play their part in overcoming the Covid-19 crisis and to ensure the urgently needed liquidity as well as the flow of credit to the real economy.

Immobilien & Finanzierung - Der langfristige Kredit

The Pfandbrief: a cornerstone of Germany’s long-term thinking – today and in future

Jens Tolckmitt

Anyone pondering the defining characteristics, historical roots, and past, present and future significance of Germany’s economic culture of long-term thinking can surely not ignore the Pfandbrief.


Sustainable finance can play a part in overcoming the Covid-19 crisis

Jens Tolckmitt: The Pfandbrief banks stand ready to continue supporting the transition to a climate-compatible, resource-efficient and sustainable economy.

Global Capital

Crisis Talk — VDP's Tolckmitt believes in strength of Pfandbrief bank liquidity

Jens Tolckmitt: "The Pfandbrief has shown its usefulness in a number of crises."