vdpPfandbriefAkademie provides education and training to a high professional level. Its programmes are designed for anyone working in the areas of real estate valuation, real estate financing, and real estate investment in Germany or abroad.


vdpConsulting (German Homepage) is a joint venture of vdp and TXS, a specialist in IT solutions and consulting in the area of funding for providers of financial services.

Services for risk models

vdpExpertise (German Homepage) supports its clients with consulting services for risk models in the realisation of security rights over real property, as well as for low-default portfolios such as governments and local authorities. It provides its services to both vdp member institutions and non-members.


vdpResearch (German Homepage) is the vdp’s real-estate market research company. It focuses intensively, inter alia, on compiling, analysing, and forecasting real estate prices from a lending standpoint.

Certification of real estate appraisers

HypZert is a company of the vdp and the other German financial industry associations in the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC). Since 1996, it has certified real estate appraisers in accordance with demanding, internationally recognised criteria, thus ensuring maximum comparability and transparency on real estate markets.