vdp launches digital information platform “”

With “”, the German Pfandbrief banks have launched as of right now a digital information platform for anyone with an interest in the Pfandbrief product. The new platform ( will provide not only market data and key figures but also analyses and background reports from professional market participants on the latest trends and developments surrounding the Pfandbrief market. The information on this website is coordinated and communicated by the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp), and appears in German and English.

Through this new Internet platform the Pfandbrief banks and the vdp proudly present the digital successor of the “Pfandbrief Factbook”, the annual publication which first appeared back in 1996. Through the Fact Book, authors from investment companies, rating agencies, the supervisory sector, investor groups, the issuing banks as well as from the vdp itself published – for more than 20 years – almost 130 articles on recent events and activities that were shaping, affecting or had a bearing on the Pfandbrief market.

Jens Tolckmitt, Chief Executive of the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks, explained why the vdp decided to launch the new website: “We set up in response to changing user needs. Our aim is to maintain an ongoing dialog with the Pfandbrief community in a way that is characteristic of its time.”

Examples of what to expect at include:

  • Absolute yields and risk premiums of liquid Pfandbriefe – updated every trading day
  • The latest key facts and figures on Pfandbrief banks and an “issuer finder” to seek out issuers with the help of search filters
  • Analyses of topics, news and trends on the Pfandbrief market
  • Brief interviews with well-known representatives of the market
  • Charts depicting current Pfandbrief-related matters