Comparison of European covered bond legislation for free

Berlin, 31 August 2023

vdp publishes comprehensive database of the Round Table Covered Bond LegislationThe Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp) now offers free access to the extensive database of the "Round Table Covered Bond Legislation". Investors, experts, rating agencies, analysts and interested parties can thus access comprehensive information on covered bond legislation in Europe without any costs.

The Round Table Covered Bond Legislation was launched by the vdp in 2010 in response to in-depth questions surrounding the legal framework of covered bonds in the context of the financial crisis. The initiative brings together leading covered bond analysts and bank lawyers from various European countries to provide qualified answers to questions on the legal comparison of national covered bond laws. The results of this round table are fed into a database and presented in the form of colour-coded maps. In this way, an effective comparison of laws is made possible.

The Round Table database contains over 337 questions and answers for more than 20 countries. In a first step, 204 of them for 15 countries will now be published. In parallel, the Round Table experts are working on refining the remaining questions and answers and making them as comprehensible as possible.

"Our database has already proven to be a valuable source of information for bank supervisors, experts and developers of new covered bond legislation in the past. By opening the database, we are expanding access to this valuable knowledge to a broader public," explained vdp Managing Director Dr. Otmar Stöcker.

Click here to access the database.