The vdp represents the interests of Pfandbrief banks in dealings with national and European decision makers and with the professional public. The regular exchange of ideas and experiences with representatives from our member institutions in various expert committees and working groups forms the basis for this and helps ensure that the vdp’s work is closely aligned with practice.

Easing burdens in operational business

The vdp’s expertise is tailored to the specific requirements of Pfandbrief issuers, i.e. the Pfandbrief itself and the lending business that is eligible as cover. In a dynamically evolving market environment, it is crucial to prioritise issues at an early stage, grasp their potential impact, and actively incorporate positions into the legislative process as well as other relevant processes. The work done by the vdp’s bodies is the cornerstone for this. It is in these forums that experts from member institutions gather to discuss issues of cross-institutional importance with the Head Office, so reducing complexity and easing burdens in operational business for our members.

Our bodies cover the vdp business segments:

  • Pfandbrief, Capital Markets and Investor Relations,
  • Banking Supervision and Risk Management,
  • Real Estate Market and Real Estate Finance Germany,
  • Valuation and
  • Cover Assets.

Within each of these segments, committees work on particular aspects of the respective business field. In addition, various expert committees and permanent working groups are convened when necessary. Whether the matter involves regulatory implementation requirements, specific legal issues, or market-influencing trends, the diversity of knowledge, experience, and interest in the vdp bodies is a key factor in development of high-quality solutions.

Overview of the vdp commitees