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Press releases


vdp-Spotlight: New business in property finance follows rise in construction and transaction volumes

German real estate market in the longest expansion phase since German reunification; Financing structures stable despite long-running boom; average share of borrowed funds at around 50 percent



vdp index: Residential property price growth dampens in top 7 cities

vdp property price index up by 7% against first quarter of 2018



The Pfandbrief at 250: Good figures and sound future prospects in anniversary year 2019

vdp’s President Dr. Louis Hagen: “The Pfandbrief is 250 years old, but alive and kicking.”



Brexit: Pfandbrief banks welcome law amendment to safeguard Pfandbrief business in United Kingdom after the UK’s departure from the EU

Bundesrat adopts Tax Act relating to Brexit, thereby ensuring the eligibility of assets in the UK as cover assets



Market analysis: Prices in Germany’s housing and office property markets are set to continue rising for the time being

Published today, the latest vdp analysis of the German property market shows that the brisk demand for residential and office properties continues to set the tone of the market. New construction...