250th anniversary of the Pfandbrief: Greetings from Carola Gräfin von Schmettow

Carola Gräfin von Schmettow CEO Germany, HSBC

250 years ago Frederick the Great signed the „Cabinets Order” and the Pfandbrief was born – 16 years before the founding of Trinkhaus, the prior institution of today‘s HSBC Germany. Over the years, it has developed into a refinancing and investment instrument that stands for security and reliability. It shows its potential particularly in times of crisis, as most recently in the financial crisis of 2008. The Pfandbrief has an excellent reputation among investors, in first instance due to its unparalleled credit history and transparency.

The Pfandbrief will not be aged in 2019. Although it represents stable values for centuries, the Pfandbrief is always innovative. Today, sustainability and ESG play an increasingly important role in the Pfandbrief market. HSBC also wants to leave its hallmark in this segment, as we made clear, for example, by accompanying an ESG Pfandbrief. HSBC is confident that the Pfandbrief success story will continue.

Happy 250th anniversary!